In our professional field ... how can we assimilate the growing, and changing flow of current knowledge? (2/2)

In the previous post , the initial question: how can we assimilate the growing and changing, knowledge flow today ?, we responded ... 'appropriately managing a personal level, knowledge (PKM) and learning (PLM)' to finish with a new question ...

What does properly manage personal knowledge (PKM)?.

which we intend to answer below.

Something is happening in the world of knowledge management (KM). A major shift has occurred even consider that knowledge about people and contexts may be more important than the content knowledge ...

"Collection and from content to context and connection," Dave Pollard

From this consideration and recognizing therefore the individual as the primary agent of KM initiatives, Harold Jarche ( Sense-making With PKM)

in response to the current problem of information overload, and the purpose of associating meaning ('sense making') to information flowing into our daily activity, proposes two parallel processes (representing 'PKM' system of personal knowledge management) : an internal one that answers how grok 'this', and another that responds to external who can help me assimilate?.

The internal process consists of four activities: Select, Sort / Assimilate, Clarify, and Lost, while the process and PKM-matrix procesoso-tools-H Jarche xternal consists of three actions: Sailing, Socializing / Exchanging Contribute / Contribute.

After explaining each of the actions associated with PKM, as an example, offers a table that relates these actions with specific technologies and tools for implementation.

To view my particular 'assimilation' of the proposed Jarche, there goes the concept map below ...

Process PKM

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