Over 80 European Organizations Demand Protection for Net Neutrality

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Today, more than 80 organizations, represented by The European Consumer Organization (BEUC) and European Digital Rights (EDRi), sent a letter (http://edri.org/files/2013-BEUC-EDRi-NN.pdf) to the European Commission demanding the end of dangerous experimentation with the functioning of the…


«Call for Action
 Time to truly protect Net Neutrality in Europe»

enrique rubio royo‘s insight:

Por una Internet abierta…

– There is no Internet without neutrality

– Net Neutrality is being violated across Europe

– Europe cannot afford to repeat past mistakes

– Competition and transparency: necessary but insufficient

– There is an urgent need for action

We call on the European Commission to address the following issues, including giving consideration to legislative initiatives where appropriate:

The Internet must be kept neutral and open. Reachability between all end
points connected to the Internet must be maintained without any form of
unlawful restriction.

Clarity on which types of traffic management are legitimate and under what

A general prohibition of all forms of discriminatory traffic management, such
as blocking or throttling unless done on legitimate traffic management
grounds, and in particular a prohibitionto violate the end-to-end principle.

Traffic management should only be allowed as narrowly tailored deviations
from the general rule. These deviations must be justified either on grounds
of verifiable and exceptional technical necessity or to address a transient
network management problem which cannot otherwise be addressed.

A clear set of obligations on ISPs regarding the neutrality and Quality of
Service of the Internet broadband services. Accessible, complete
information on traffic management practices and justifications must be
published and easily available to end-users.

The pro-active monitoring by an independent institution of the Quality of
Service of fixed and wireless networks. This institution can be the NRA.

Use of deep packet inspection (and re-use of associated data) should be
reviewed by national data protection regulators to assess compliance with
the EU’s data protection and fundamental rights framework. By default, only
header information should be used for traffic management purposes.

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