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The revolution starts within | Harold Jarche

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Enrique Rubio: Estrategia de adaptación ‘bottom-up’ a una nueva realidad, a un nuevo entorno vital ‘expandido y complejo’, como proceso de transformación personal.



Harold Jarche: If you are convinced that your future workplace should look more like a Wirearchy, (a dynamic two-way flow of power and authority based on, knowledge, trust, credibility, a focus on results; enabled by interconnected people and technology) then the best thing you can do now is prepare.


– Prepare yourself to be a continuous learner.

– Prepare yourself and your team/department to work collaboratively. – Start narrating your work.

– Become a knowledge curator and share widely.

– Engage in professional social networks and communities of practice.

– Model the behaviours you would like to see in others.


Cartoon by Hugh Macleod @gapingvoid

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