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Creating Concept Maps

Via Scoop.itPensamiento crítico y su integración en el Curriculum

Enrique Rubio.- interesante propuesta de procedimiento para crear un mapa conceptual. Por mi parte añadiría, el posible interés que tiene  incluir, en las primeras etapas del mismo, el uso de Wordle ( ) para generar la nube de conceptos, o palabras clave (con sus pesos), correspondiente al tema o dominio cuyo mapa conceptual se pretende desarrollar.


«A concept map is a picture of our understanding of something. It is a diagram illustrating how sets of concepts are related. Concept maps are made up of webs of terms (nodes) related by verbs (links) to other terms (nodes). The purpose of a concept map is to represent (on a single visual plane) a person’s mental model of a concept.

Concept maps provide a useful contrast with essays. With a concept map, a viewer can see both the forest and individual trees. The big picture is clear because all the ideas are presented on one surface. At the same time, it’s easy to see details and how they relate.»