Modelización de procesos

Bases formales, y ejemplos, para la formalización e implementación de la ‘Gestión orientada a procesos’ en Suricata (a trabajar)…


 1.- eGOV Project Home Page (deliverables del proyecto de interés

An Integrated Platform for Realising Online One-Stop Government (eGOV)
(fichero word describiendo…"relevant terms are defined to form a clear conceptual framework for one-stop government that links “life events” and “business situations” with “public services” and “processes”. Furthermore, the methods used for conducting small-scale surveys of user requirements are presented. Based on the surveys results, the specifications of eGOV services and processes as well as the upper level specifications of the Governmental Markup language (GovML) are derived"

Business Process and Business Information Analysis Overview v1.0  (fichero word…" This Technical Report document has been approved by the Business Process Project Team and has been accepted by the ebXML Plenary.This document contains information to guide in the interpretation or implementation of ebXML concepts", 2001). Conveniente mirar existencia posibles actualizaciones

2.- Knowledge Component-based Architecture for Process Modelling

" In previous work we compared three process modelling techniques and applied them to e-Government processes. We  identified major issues, amongst them the lack of formalism for knowledge modelling and of formal semantic links between different abstraction levels. In this paper we propose an architecture for process modelling that supports knowledge models and formally integrates them in process models".

3.- OPEN Process Framework (OPF)


"This 1100+ webpage informational website provides the most complete and detailed documention of the OPEN Consortium’s OPEN Process Framework (OPF). OPF is a practical, public-domain, industry de facto standard, general purpose management and engineering process framework that is primarily intended for the development, usage, and eventual retirement of software-intensive systems.

OPF consists of (and thus the website documents) the following:

  • Repository of predefined, free, open source, reusable process components for constructing endeavor-specific development, usage, and retirement processes (methods).
  • Metamodel that organizes and provides a theoretical foundation for these components.
  • Guidelines for using these process components to construct endeavor-specific processes."


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