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Ontologies have seen quite an enormous development and application in many domains within the last years, especially in the context of the next web generation, the Semantic Web. Besides the work of countless researchers across the world, industry starts developing ontologies to support their daily operative business. Currently, most ontologies exist in pure form without any additional information, e.g. authorship information, such as provided by Dublin Core for text documents. This burden makes it difficult for academia and industry e.g. to identify, find and apply – basically meaning to reuse – ontologies effectively and efficiently.


Pellet es un sw open source para OWL en Java que proporciona de ultima generación de servicios de razonamiento para ontologias OWL.

Microsoft hace público herramientas para construir ontologías

Microsoft anunció la liberación del Ontology Add-in para Microsoft Office Word 2007 que permitirá a los autores añadir fácilmente hyperlinks a las anotaciones semánticas, sacadas de ontologías, a sus documentos y artículos de investigación.